Frequently asked questions

What can I track?

You can track any element on any website. People have been using Monitorbook to track the price of products they want to buy, the availability of tickets for shows, the latest entry in a news website... You can track almost anything you can think of. If you have trouble with a tracking contact us and we will make it work for you.

How do I track elements?

Start by adding the Monitorbookify bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Open the page you want to track. Click on the Monitorbookify bookarmklet and click on the elements you want to track. That's it! To see an example on how to use Monitorbook watch this walkthrough.

How do I add the bookmarklet to my bookmarks bar?

Simply go to the Instructions section and drag the Monitorbookify to your bookmarks bar. If you are having trouble adding the bookmarklet please watch this video.

How can I set custom alerts?

You can set custom alerts if you want to be notified only if certain conditions are fulfilled (i.e. if you are tracking a product and only want to be notified if the price falls below a certain threshold). Go to you trackings page and click on the alerts tab. Once there click on the button "Create custom alert" and set your conditions for that alert.

I want to have more trackings!

The free version of Monitorbook allows you to track 5 different elements simultaneously. If you want to track more elements signup for the Monitorbook Premium plan and we will get in touch with you.

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